We are thrilled here at American Logo! It’s that time of year where the kids are back in school and there is a crisp feel to the air. That means fall is fast approaching! And so is the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!!

“Our state fair is a Great State Fair! Don’t miss it! Don’t even be late!” Those lyrics from the old movie State Fair are still true today. We are so excited about the upcoming fair and hope you will get a chance to go and enjoy it too. The cheese dogs, the Indian tacos, the cinnamon rolls, the candy apples, the rides, the horse shows, the livestock, the car shows, the crafts, the people-watching…it’s all so exhilarating! This year the State Fair runs from September 13 through September 23. Look around once you get there. You will probably see evidence of us there. We make many banners, booth displays, menu boards and signs of all types for the fair. Many times we are there installing them as well. If you see us, please stop by and say hi. We would love the opportunity to visit with you. If you are going to have a booth at the fair, please allow us to make your signs for you. We can make the process really easy for you and are even willing to deliver your sign to the site if you need us to. However, please call early because we are already starting to book up our time. Remember, we would love to help you with all your fair needs but, like the song says, “Don’t miss it! Don’t even be late!”
Last month we sent out a video of Leslie doing a Vehicle Wrap. Our phones went crazy because companies are realizing just how much return they can see for their advertising dollar with vehicle lettering or wraps. This month we have a new video with another member of our staff showing how to install vinyl lettering. It teaches you how to do it yourself which can save you money. These steps work for applying vinyl to vehicles, windows, doors or walls. If you need additional help, we will be happy to give you written instructions or walk you through the steps again. So you see, vinyl lettering can be easy and affordable. Come by and allow us to give you an estimate. We would love to hear about your vinyl lettering needs.
Now let’s talk about safety. With the start of school, we wanted to remind you to slow down in school zones and neighborhoods to help protect our children. Did you know that we carry many safety products to help make school zones safer, such as stop/slow paddles, safety vest, safety cones, warning flags and school zone warning signs? These help remind drivers to watch for students as they travel to and from school. We keep these and other safety supplies in stock so please call us for a quote. Remember, the best safety product in a school zone is the drivers themselves. Another item we have available in stock are Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) Placards. These are important for tractors, mowers and any vehicle traveling slowly on the streets and roadways. It is important for the safety of the driver of the equipment as well as surrounding drivers. Failure to display an SMV placard can result in a fine or worse an accident. Order your safety supplies today and make sure you are safely covered. Click here for the product catalog.

We look forward to serving you!

Your Design Team

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